Handmade from scratch

     Our ice cream is 100% handmade in store. The process starts with creating an ice cream base of milk and cream and combining with our premium ingredients to create the most exquisite all natural ice cream and sorbet you'll ever taste.

Only the freshest local ingredients

     Each day, we source fresh local ingredients to make our ice cream. This includes early morning milk & cream deliveries, Flemington markets for in-season fruits and vegetables and local Eastwood stores. From there we wash, prepare, cook and bake to create our all natural flavours. That's right, no artificaly flavours or 'powders' used to create our flavours.

Passion and love

     Our ice cream reflects our deep passion for creating the finest ice cream and sorbets. Hours of hours of dedication is taken to make each flavour by hand. When we're not making ice cream, we're usually sitting back enjoying an ice cream and thinking up of new exciting flavours.

A word from Max
Creator of Max Joy Co.
Thank you for visiting. I hope you find everything you need here. If not, feel free to contact me.

When I was young, I dreamt of owning an ice-cream shop one day. To have ice creams on demand is a dream come true.

At the age of 9, I started making ice cream after receiving a ice cream churner for my birthday. After many weeks of practising, I wa able to make my first batch and share them with my friends, family and neighbours. That was over a decade ago and now I get to share my great ice cream with everyone.

My first flavour was Japanese green tea, which I 'borrowed' from my grandma tea cabinet to create. At the time, she was upset as the matcha powder I borrowed cost her alot. However, once we tasted my creation, let's just say she wasn't upset anymore. Such is the power of ice cream to make people happy.

This was also my first lesson in quality. Very early on I learnt that there is no subsitute for quality ingredients. When you've tried as many ice cream as I have, you quickly come to realise when something isn't right (i.e. artifical) and when it's perfect. There simply isn't any comparison between the two.

We have by far the most extensive range of authentic Asian flavours and classic traditional flavours. I am always continually creating new exotic ice cream flavours.

Please enjoy my ice cream and sorbets and I promise to continue providing only the finest ice cream and coming up with new and exciting flavours.

I look forward to seeing you all at my shops.

Mr. Max Yuan
Founder of Max Joy Co
Eastwood and Chinatown Sydney, Australia